Our Products

Z-SoftNet provides a vast range of custom software packages utilizing our rapid application development system, the PachangaCMS System, and through our many years of experience. This custom developed system, is created in ASP .NET, utilizes .NET MEF and Routing and latest Web Standards and Technologies, and provides many out of the box components, for quick and easy customization and configuration options. It runs on any of the popular DBMS systems, like SQL Server, MySql, SqlCE, with options to add any provider. We have utilized the many components of the system, to create and customize systems with the following requirements and more:

  • Web Applications and Web CMS Systems/Sites
  • Project/Budget and Team Management Tracking
  • Blog Sites
  • Expense Management Review/Approval Tracking
  • Database Driven E-Commerce Web Sites
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Company/Corporate Web Sites
  • Personal Web Sites
  • Existing Web Site Maintenance, Enhancements and Monitoring

From simple programs to enterprise applications we are here to satisfy whatever your solution requirements.

Please use the Contact Us page, to request further information and pricing details.